“Those daily walks to the garden were my constant mood boosters for the day. That’s when I got the idea for this tune. I’m so happy and blessed that I can express myself through my music. This track starts a new chapter for my musical journey and I’m extremely happy to share this with everyone.”


KASE – Nature Dwellings

Release Date : September 20, 2021

Representing a ray of hope in a moment of artistic self-doubt, KASE’s single “Nature Dwellings” will wash away any worries you might have.

The young Indian music producer KASE delivers a stellar chillhop journey, infused in natural ambiance and textured jazz guitars. With their spacious wide feel, the drum grooves will pleasantly keep your ears involved in the track, while the gentle sub-bass helps you stay grounded. Minimal instrumentation, compensated with beautiful notation is something KASE always strives towards and his first Stereofox Records release definitely accomplishes this vision.