“Fragments of Time produces notes of nostalgia for simpler times, love lost, and a yearning to go back…The electric guitar riffs, floating piano lines, muted trumpet, and orchestral strings sing together to create a song filled with thoughtful emotion.”

Goson x Dreamfield

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Goson & Dreamfield (Fika Beats) – Fragments of Time

Release Date : January 25, 2023

[ Genres ]
lofi hip hop, chill beats

[ Similar Artists ]
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[ Artist Bio ]
Goson’s (Henrik Goranson) diverse experience and rich background in the music industry are reflected in each one of his works. The Swedish producer, multi-instrumentalist, and sound engineer with roots in rock and jazz music has a knack for finding the perfect balance between all these influences and skillfully incorporating them into his compositions. Claiming his spot on the lofi scene ever since he became part of it in 2020, Goson’s music could be discovered on various editorial playlists, including Spotify’s Lofi Beats, Jazz Vibes, Lush Lofi, Lofi Meditation, Workday Lounge, etc.

Dreamfield is a collaborative project between instrumentalists and producers Summit One & Post-Ambient. With a 40-year age span between them, Dreamfield combines multi-generational sounds through dreamy guitar riffs, jazzy sax melodies, and the soul of classic rock n’ roll with the taste of modern era lofi and chill beats.

Goson and Dreamfield created the new project Fika Beats where they entangle calm relaxing vibrations creating a soundscape to vibe with.

[ Release Info ]
With numerous features on Spotify editorials and independent playlists with 91M+ streams combined, the lofi masters Goson and Dreamfield come together for their nostalgic release with Stereofox.

“Fragments of Time” is a wistful piece boiled in dreamy guitars, floating keys, delicious trumpets, and orchestral strings. It’s a slow track and you drift through time with it pointing out all the forgotten things you want to stuff in a bottle. But no matter what you have missed, Dreamfield and Goson won’t let you forget this song.