We made this joint on the same day we made Galaxy – I think you can hear the similarities between the 2 in how we’re making use of spacey synths and effects. Once again, this is a smooth head bopper, nothing crazy but definitely a vibe. Our favorite part is the bridge, which to us feels very nostalgic and emotive.


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delaney. x lightheart – Honey

Release Date : February 27, 2023

[ Genres ]
chillhop, jazzhop

[ Similar Artists ]
DESH, Louk, Koralle

[ Artist Bio ]

Multi-instrumentalist and arranger delaney. (1996) is an upcoming artist in the Urban scene. He has worked with great producers in the Lo-Fi hiphopscene such as DESH, Yasper, Louk, Glimlip and ØDYSSEE. Although piano is his main instrument, in his work he’s often heard on not just one instrument.

With jazzy chords on guitar and keys, gospel basslines on synth and bass guitar, and smooth sax or flute solos, he proves to be the finishing touch to every track he plays on. With that being said, people often describe his music as a mixture between Robert Glasper and Cory Henry. Outside of the studio, he plays mostly in the Dutch urban scene and is working his way up to be a Musical Director and arranger for rappers and RnB singers in- and outside of the Netherlands.

As a two year old, delaney. started to play along with Mambo no. 5 hitting the correct notes on a toy trumpet! It was not until the age of 7 that delaney. started to take classical piano lessons for over ten years. Within those years, the interest of jazz and improvisational music as well as playing other instruments started to grow more and more until the point that he started studying at the Conservatory of Utrecht. His music nowadays is greatly influenced by gospel, RnB and hiphop along with his classical and jazz background.

[ Release Info ]

Chillhop maestro delaney. paves the way for a pleasantly dreamy trip on his upcoming single with lightheart “Honey”.

For years the name delaney. has echoed far and wide within the chillhop and lofi hip hop scene. He’s not only a talented multi-instrumentalist and arranger, but he has also brought life to the works of jazzhop heavyweights such as Glimlip, DESH, and Louk. People usually describe his style as a tasteful mixture of Robert Glasper and Cory Henry. These comparisons are no surprise especially since delaney. has been praised by Spotify through editorial features like Lounge Jazz, Chillout Jazz, and even lofi beats.

On “Honey” however, we’re introduced to a side of delaney. we don’t hear often. Here he is joined by his copilot DESH (who appears as lightheart) to guide listeners into a groovy, spacey-like odyssey. The atmospheric pads coupled with keys create a mood that’s perfect for stargazing and creating a vibe for a social setting.

The single “Galaxy” with Stereofox was the first time the two producers ventured into this territory. “Honey” continues down this path as they reach for a sound that’s like no other in the jazzhop realm.