Vol. 1 Documentary

The Bulgarian Beat Wave idea was born at the beginning of 2022 by us – the team at Stereofox. With half crew being Bulgarian, it goes without saying – we deeply care and feel connected to the local scene and would love to be part of its expansion beyond the borders of this beautiful country.

It’s hard to put into words the experience of doing vol. 1 of the compilation. It was not only fun but eye-opening. Being able to detach yourself from everyday life allowed all of us – the team and artists to really connect, bond, and dive into creating beautiful and extremely varied music. The launch of the project, the documentary, all the international and local support, and the successful vinyl campaign are a dream come true.

After doing vol. 1, we decided to expand on the idea and go beyond showcasing the talented and multi-layered local producers. Alongside the creation process, we will change locations with every edition in order to reveal to the world various parts of Bulgaria’s nature. Hopefully, this spills over into telling the story of the country, its people, and even its customs.

The second compilation was created in October last year near the tranquil, spread-out seaside village of Arapya on the Black Sea coastline.

We spent 4 days off-season in a trailer camping park doing what we love – making music, chilling, enjoying the sea, and cooking.

The result was undoubtedly beyond our expectations. A diverse and non-linear sonic experience.



Artist info

The youngest participant in the compilation and one of scene’s most exciting new names. Growing up with the sound of Mr Carmack, ESTA, and Flume, ymprl merges the vibrancy of future bass with lush melodies and chill beats in order to create an alluring experimental bounce that’s hard to classify.

That would be all the Soulection members (Monte Booker, Esta, Sango etc), as well as producers such as Kaytranada, CYGN and the Kount.
On the local scene
I would like to see even more events focused on the emerging beats scene we have in Bulgaria. I am really excited about all the work Stereofox is doing with Bulgarian producers and I can’t wait to see what the future holds.


Artist info

Trombobby combines his long-time passion, the trombone, with peculiar beats for a truly contemporary sound. His unique production style and live instrumentation brought him features on Spotify’s Orbit, Apple Music’s BEATstrumentals and TIDAL’s Rising Deutschland. Also, a winner of The Kount Challenge 2021.

Everything Soulquarians – ?uestlove, Dilla, D’angelo, Erykah Badu, Black Thought, Kendrick Lamar, the list goes on & on.
On the local scene
We have a lot to learn and achieve as a scene. I believe that the best way to do that is if each and every one of us gets better in time – educate ourselves business wise, theory wise, promotion wise, etc.

Low Heat

Artist info

Low Heat crafts a special blend of cosmic hip-hop, abstract beats & modern funk, often inspired by the West Coast & its synth-heavy sound. Besides teaching, Boyan also runs a YouTube channel for Ableton production tutorials & equipment reviews & has knocked out more than 1M streams across streaming platforms. Featured on Apple Music’s BEATstrumentals, Creative Focus & New in Electronic.


 The Kount, Madlib, Galimatias, the West Coast G-funk scene

On the local scene


Artist info

EVDN. is a jazz bassist & experimental electronic musician from Bulgaria.
 Characterized by his irrepressible live stage energy and genuine devotion to music, he has shared stage with a substantial list of Bulgaria’s most notable acts. This year he’ll be dropping his debut TENSION/RELEASE LP with first single already topping hypem charts & getting support by curators like CloudKid and bitbird. Featured on Spotify’s All New Jazz editorial.

Flying Lotus, Thundercat, Bonobo, Robert Glasper, Gorillaz, Jagga Jazzist, Taylor Mcferrin.
On the local scene
The thing that excites me the most is the incredible diversity of musical styles & how everybody experiments with their inspirations, there’s an enormous amount of great artist here that deserve better recognition. We have incredible folklore music & I would really like to hear more artists using it in their music.


Artist info

A classic jazz-trained guitarist turned producer. Peyotoff blends his alluring neo-soul guitar style with future beats elements, instrumental hip hop & jazz all that through the prism of his own experiences. One of the fastest rising names on the scene with features on Spotify’s lofi beats, Apple Music’s BEATstrumental & multiple international collaborations planned for 2022.


Flying Lotus, Thundercat & Beau Diako

On the local scene

First of all, I am happy and thankful to have so many talented musician around me. I think we’re yet to show to the world what we can build and create together as a community. The music here is still quite underrated and would love to see Bulgarian artist and producers expanding more outside of our borders.



Artist info
Kamen is an award-nominated producer & audio engineer with more than 10 years of experience in music production and a degree in Creative Music Technology. He’s worked on countless projects with artists all over the world & his productions have been featured on Colors Berlin, Soho Radio London, Tidal Rising Global, BBC Radio & Spotify / Apple Music editorial playlists.
Madlib, Kanye West, J Dilla, Kenny Beats
On the local scene
I see more and more artists making Bulgarian music that lacks nothing in comparison to what’s being made worldwide and am excited for local artists to start gaining worldwide recognition.

Kay Be

Artist info

Kay Be is a record producer, songwriter, and an artist based in Bulgaria and has worked with some of the biggest local artists like V:RGO, DARA, Preyah, Rushi, Jluch, Dorothy Takev, and many more. Through the years the beatmaker has also collaborated with a number of international acts such as NANE( Romania), Kaydy Cain(Spain), Mark Morrison (UK), Mir Fontane, Kev Rogers, Dave Hollister, The Diplomats (USA), Sensey(Czech Republic) just to name a few.


Only way I can shorten the eternal list would be to say this month’s inspirations: Misha Panfilov, Sour Surfers, Thes One, Deca (the mc), Marlon Craft, Raw Poetic, Tom Ze, Taiguara, Shabaka Hutchings.

On the local scene

I wish we widen our vision to a new level of curiosity. We need more questions. More magic and less explanation. More bravery and less excuses. More love.



Artist info

Founding member of the most prolific hip hop act in Bulgaria for the past 10 years – So Called Crew. Gena is a champion of the classic hip hop sound, movie fanatic & all-mighty sample being. His album with Leena & Kamen Labyrinth of the Subconscious scored 250k+ streams and features on Colors Berlin, Qrates & multiple other independent curators.

Hugely inspired by Premo, Dr Dre, El-P, Alchemist, 9th Wonder, J Dilla & Flying Lotus.
On the local scene
I love that more & more people are doing great work here, but I would like for more official releases, concerts, tours, so that we can build an actual scene, not just put random files on the web.




Artist info
A music producer & filmmaker, SMYAH’s sound fuses different musical worlds, swinging from broken beats to leftfield bass & aerial, cinematic elements. He implements a somehow floral feeling to his sound, painting natural soundscapes with synthesizers & percussion. His music has been supported on notable curators like XLR8R and CloudKid.

The music I love is the one made in the moment without the usual considerations of whether it will be a fit for what people usually seek out there. The one that’s genuine and manages to recreate a moment or emotion. The one that transcends genres.
Inspirational artists would be Calibre, Commodo, Soft Blade, The Alchemist, & DJ Muggs.

On the local scene
I’d like to see more people interested in music in general. More people who really pay attention and go deep, follow particular artists, labels and media. No matter the genre, I feel like there’s a big deficit of such music heads here. Most of the time when people go out the music is just there for background noise to socialise. On the other hand, we also lack DJs who have the courage to experiment and showcase something new instead of the songs that are already rotating on the media. In that case, it doesn’t really matter if there’s a DJ at the venue or just a Spotify playlist loaded for the night. So yeah, maybe this problem can be solved by having more DJs and promoters who are able to think freely and educate club goers.


Artist info

The one they call Mr. Producer. 10 years of experience in the soul, funk, jazz, beat and d&b scene, Boyan was the first artist to join the label family. 2.5M streams across DSPs, features on Apple Music’s BEATstrumentals, TIDAL’s In The Loop  Indie Shuffle, The New Lofi, and #1 track on hypem. Sold out vinyl campaign also available on HHV Berlin.

FKJ, Galimatias, Jordan Rakei, but in reality the list is just really too long to share
On the local scene
I’m excited by all the new emerging talent in Bulgaria, and would love to see all these creative people come even more together to crate amazing art!
bw-rado kazasov

Rado Kazasov

Artist info

A drummer & producer known for his versatile style, energetic, emotive & raw presence on stage. He’s closely working with TromBobby, Peyotoff & EVDN. (known as The Only Friends), but also can often be seen on the big stage with some of the most prolific Bulgarian artists.

Pharell, J Dilla, Qestlove, Madlib, Timbaland.
On the local scene
Right now there’s a lot of young bands and artists that really know what they’re doing and I think there is a big step up in the last ten years. I would like to see artists making more of their own music, more albums.

Hristo Rachev

Artist info

AKA Monk (inspired by Thelonious Monk). Founder of the most forward-thinking sound production school in Bulgaria – Sound Ninja. Steinberg Certified Trainer & kick-ass sound engineer who is responsible for making the compilation sound flawless.

On the local scene

Bulgarian Beat Wave Returns With an Expansive Volume 2 Edition Recorded at the Black Sea Coast

Release Date : March 6, 2023

[ Genres ]
instrumental hip hop, chillhop, future beats, soul, jazz, future beats, electronic

[ About The Compilation ]

Just like the country’s diverse natural landscape, the first Bulgarian Beat Wave compilation not only offers a non-linear sonic experience but guides listeners through the unique and varied sound of some of the most talented local beatmakers. With a population of less than 7M, the 107th largest country in the world is a home of some of the most talented and creative multi-instrumentalists, producers, and sound engineers which we at Stereofox are humbled to call label mates and family.

Vol. 1 gave us the motivation, and knowledge and set the foundation for the future of this project. Vol. 2 is about expanding what we’ve built and moving one step further.

[ About the Producers]

Each of the artists on the compilation represents a truly unique world of its own. This goes out to show how packed, yet diverse the music ecosystem in the country is.

For the 2nd volume, we were excited to welcome a new face into the mix – Kay Be who added his forward-thinking and unconventional feel into the mix. Something you can easily pick from all the beats he’s on.

From prolific instrumentalists like TromBobby (brass), Peyotoff (guitar), EVDN. (bass), RADO (drums) and Boyan (piano) to people like Gena who has earned his stripes as a champion of the classic hip hop beat sound. Through his round-the-clock work with So Called Crew and a number of local artists, one could argue he has shaped a whole generation of listeners in the past 10 years. When it comes to powerful grooves, there’s Low Heat’s one-of-a-kind style. A true educator and squad’s hardware expert. SMYAH’s power to transport listeners to a darker, more intimate space is un-matchable. Then we have young, but extremely eager producers like Kamen and ymprl who have honed their craft both in Bulgaria and abroad. They liven-up the whole scene ambiance with a futuristic scent inspired by some of the most cutting-edge producers out there.

With more than 50M combined streams in recent years, the local artists working alongside Stereofox has already seen some successes like Spotify, Apple Music, and TIDAL editorials, features on prominent blogs like Indie Shuffle, sold-out vinyl campaign, international record store partnerships, and a spot on COLORS Berlin website, to name a few.

[ Key Achievements / Support ]

» feature on Clash Magazine – https://www.clashmusic.com/reviews/va-bulgarian-beat-wave-vol-1
» airplay support by Rinse.FM (UK/France) by Jay Carder – https://rinse.fm/episodes/jay-carder-18-06-2022-1100/
» airplay support by – https://www.kcrw.com/music/shows/valida/validas-playlist-june-19-2022
» showcase the compilation and discuss the scene on The Moliner Music podcast
» coverage on blogs like Acid Stag & The New Lofi
» support on Apple Music’s BEATstrumentals editorial
» airplay on BBC Radio 1