“Moirae is actually a remix of an old track that I made years ago that I have removed. Back then it was called “Liwo” and was more of a jungle-house track with bongo drums and a slower bpm. After I removed the track I have been working on and off on it for a very long time so it feels good and kind of weird that it’s finally getting released.

Ascension has a feel of taking off, rising up, going somewhere higher up, and thats why the name. I wanted to create a track with a massive distorting sound synth that changes a lot throughout the track with percussions that fit well with the feeling of the synth. The track is very progressive in its composition and becomes very atmospheric and dreamy.


Anton Kling

Anton Kling | Stereofox Records

Anton Kling

Anton Kling – Moirae/Ascension

Release Date : May 18, 2022

[ Schedule ]
May 18

[ Genres ]
Progressive House, Organica, Melodic House

[ Similar Artists ]
Lone, Christian Loffler, Stimming

[ Artist Bio ]
Born in 1992 from Sweden. Electronic music and music production has always been a big part of my life. I make house music that tends to be melodic, progressive and organic with a lo-fi touch. My sound is ambient, spacey, atmospheric and sometimes a bit psychedelic with a lot of different types of percussion. I never think about what kind of music I want to create, I just do and it’ll become whatever I was feeling at that time. I enjoy listening to music from pretty much every music genre so I’m influenced by it all.

[ Release Info ]
The world of Anton Kling through his music can easily be described as beautifully haunting, and his latest single “Moirae” continues that narrative with its progressively eerie feeling.

For the Swedish producer, Electronic music and music production have always been a big part of his life. Being entrenched in music production for so long has opened the doors for numerous forms of experimentation, and this explains Anton’s left-field aesthetic when it comes to his distinct sound. On “Moirae”, he doesn’t shy away from flaunting his eclectic taste as this gem borrows from World Music, Progressive House, and even Organica to get listeners moving while they’re immersed in an emotive experience.

The Stereofox team found Anton through his gloomy atmospheric single “Lone”, and “Moirae” marks his first release with Stereofox Records.