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[ Key Achievements ]

  • 22+ years of music experience
  • numerous awards from piano competitions
  • debut Stereofox release “Different Vibes” hit the HypeM popular chart
  • supported by curators like College Music, Cole Slaw, LifeAt

Anomalycircles – Prestige

Release Date : March 29, 2023

[ Genres ]
lofi, chillhop, jazzhop

[ Similar Artists ]
Stan Forebee, Tom Doolie, Korey Wade, SamuW

[ Release Info ]
Excited to welcome back the up-and-coming Bulgarian producer and pianist Anomalycircles for his 2nd Stereofox release after his debut got supported by curators like College Music, Cole Slaw, LifeAt.

“Prestige” is a gorgeous jazzhop with playful keys, head-nodding beats and vibes that will make you cruise down memory lane. Both fresh & nostalgic, it’s a song you need in your chill list.

[ Artist Bio ]
The Bulgarian producer Denislav a.k.a Anomalycircles has been connected to music for 22 years. He started playing the piano when he was 5, and has won many prizes since then. Music production came into his life when he joined the Sound Ninja Academy program and the lectures there. The moniker Anomalycircles originates from the abstract reflection of the “circle” while he is in his studio creating music – expressing his emotions in the place where he feels the coziest and chill.