“Imagine, riding with a brand new deck, rocking some street spots with headphones on, bouncing some hard tricks while your head is just nodding with the groove. This is “Deck” – a result of knocking boom-bap drums melted with piano chords, a funky wah guitar, a groovy bass and a jazzy trumpet.”

Alcynoos, Parental, Aywee Tha Seed, Dan Amozig

Alcynoos x Parental x Aywee Tha Seed x Dan Amozig – Deck

Release Date : April 1, 2021

If you’ve recently started to once again adjust your playlists to go along with the approaching warm spring/summer weather, look no further. Four music producers Alcynoos, Parental, Aywee Tha Seed, Dan Amozig have teamed up to deliver the ultimate fresh summer anthem. This is “Deck” – a groovy, funky ride in the realms of jazzhop and the perfect soundtrack for jaunting through the urban jungle on a sunny day.

Born as a result of blending crisp boom-bap percussion with locked-in pumping bass-lines, funky guitars and soulful brass, this track highlights every nuance in the styles of all four artists. As per usual, French producers Aclynoos and Parental are introducing mellow soulful synths to beautifully complement the raw punchy drums, slightly reminiscent of the old-school hip-hop sound. Aywee Tha Seed’s fresh approach to the groovy guitar and bass elements shine through on “Deck”, as well as Dan Amozig’s retro-esque trumpet phrases filtered through a more modern neo-soul lens for the best of both worlds.

Hop on this beat-driven jazz-funk deck with us for the grooviest sonic cruise, heading your way via Stereofox this April!