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Publishing & Licensing


Our Stereofox Records label team goes beyond playlisting strategies and dedicates a solid portion of their effort in pushing artist’s brand and music to magazines and radio stations and on-demand services, hence generating Public Performance royalties for our artists.

In 2022 we created our Publishing & Licensing (Sync) department in order to both facilitate artist education and to help them maximise their potential earnings for both Artist (Master) and Songwriter (Composition) royalties.

We provide catalog representation, administration (via partnership with SongTrust), and publishing services to songwriters and musicians we love working with.

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Publishing Administration

Helping writers organizing their catalog. Registering and administrating their music thus making sure the correct amount of music publishing revenue is being paid and collected around the world.

We also help artists when it comes to settling contracts with contributors / other artists and making sure all rights are correctly settled and in order contractually.

Sync Licensing Pitching

Pitching music for synchs in film, TV, gaming and advertising placements internationally.

We reach out directly to music supervisors and showcase our catalog and use various libraries in order to find the best opportunities for the catalog we represent.

Bespoke music

Bespoke music tailored to your requirements from a variety of producers, arrangers, sound engineers and vocalists we work with internationally.

We create the music you need, you own the rights. Access new and unreleased songs and lease them exclusively for your brand or project.

Artist education

Above all, Stereofox has always been about distributing knowledge. We don't shy away from sharing what we've learnt, whether that's via our artist educational pieces or the Fox Tales podcast.

We've built internal educational portal that focuses on simplifying and explaining the different music rights and where and what royalties are owed to them.


We provide catalog representation, administration (via partnership with SongTrust), and publishing services to songwriters and musicians we love working with.

We represent both full artist catalogs and individual bodies of works and have easy-to-use database for music supervisors where they can search and filter based on each individual project’s requirements.

We pitch music for synchs in film/TV, gaming, and advertising globally and offer a large catalog of 100% pre-cleared and ready-to-use music created by some of the most talented artists worldwide. Artists featured in a number of streaming editorials, publications like CLASH Magazine, EARMILK, COLORS Berlin, or Indie Shuffle, and radios such as BBC Radio 1, KCRW, or RINSE.FM.

With the unique position of having both recordings and music publishing in one place, we are excited to connect you with the right artists for your project.

Looking for custom-made music? Our in-house team will create tailor-made music based on your requirements in a timely manner.

Music available for licensing

Our license-ready catalog is ready for you. In our in-house database we have easy access to for you to explore.

A sample size of our catalog can be explored below. Tracks are completely pre-cleared.



Bespoke Music

Looking for something custom-made and tailored for you? Work with artists and producers with millions of streams, featured on a number of streaming editorials, radio stations (BBC Radio 1, KCRW, Soho Radio) and publications (CLASH, Indie Shuffle, Earmilk).

Contact us for more information.

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