Somewhere along the way of pursuing audio engineering and trumpet education, Elliot Samuel LoweI realized that making music for a living wasn’t fulfilling. That’s when something negative Rusty Spaceship was born. It’s a creative outlet for the young US producer to explore instrumental music and stay in touch with musician friends while pursuing a career outside of music. Inspired by a lot of classic sci-fi, the visual component for the project carries a signature campy, almost amateur aesthetic to it, which is however very charming and genuine. Both the music and visuals are an experiment in combining old and new. For the music, he uses a lot of old instruments (harp, mellotron) and old analog gear modeling combined with modern production and pop sensibilities. The artwork combines hand-drawn cutouts from an old notebook combined with digital effects and animation. At the end of the day, Rusty Spaceship is aimed to just be a fun distraction, in hopes to serve as the same casual outlet for other listeners. “Porcelain” comes out September 27th, 2021 via Sterofox Records.