U.S. based producer MÒZÂMBÎQÚE has crafted a sound that traverses exquisitely in a literal, and in a figurative sense. The treasury of experience and wisdom learnt from his expeditions in countries such as Kenya, South Africa and India to name a few is certainly reflective of his vibrant aesthetic.

After spending years touring, drumming and producing in various bands Andrew Smith began the journey as MÒZAMBÎQÚE with his fiery passion for traveling and the great outdoors being a guiding light for his musical direction. Tycho, Aphex Twin, and The Album Leaf are also catalysts that have profoundly impacted Andrew’s life and their influence can’t escape mention.

How To Be Human EP is his first release via Stereofox Records, and throughout the project, experimental production techniques take centre stage as a myriad of unfamiliar sounds are paired with electronic textures to form spellbinding instrumentals.