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The Agency

The concept

We are a team of international graphic and web designers, developers, filmmakers, photographers and marketers and for the past 8 years we’ve been building our project Stereofox.

As we were growing the platform, we did tons of marketing, released exclusive content, worked and learned a lot from many incredibly talented artists and people from the industry. We’ve reached millions of people and have grown from one Facebook message to what you see today on the website.

Today, as a collective, we decided to offer our skills and expertise and support artists grow their brand, build their online presence and give them the creative resources they need to grow.

stereofox creative agency

Web design & development

Specializing in the creation of state of the art personal artist websites or online platforms for labels, e-commerce shops or webzines.


Promotional photography and creative consultancy when it comes to your artist vizualization.

Merch design

Turn your next release or project idea into a eye-catching merch design. Guidance when it comes to choosing the right material.

Video Production

Production, execution, post-production and editing of music videos and promotional video campaigns.


Besides the artworks we create for our own releases, our team of designers also specialize in graphic-related work and illustrations.

While we can’t share all the amazing work they’ve done, you can preview some of their creation and ask us for more details if needed.


"For our music label and promo platform Chillhop Music we needed a new website. What started as a relatively simple idea, quickly evolved to a site with a lot of clever integrations with platforms like Spotify. Stereofox was very adaptive and proactive in their approach, and assisted us every step in the way. Communication was always superb and they had a lot of patience to process all of these ideas that popped up."Bas van Leeuwen / Chillhop Records


I've worked with Boris and Geri from the Stereofox creative team and they are superb. Their art direction is striking and original! They really get who they work with and the outcome is always quality.Handbook


"Their design team was really efficient and transparent throughout the whole creative process.

Really smooth and easy getting the finished product together."Travis George / Sundae Sauuce


"Geri from the Stereofox team did an amazing job at making my ideas come to life. I couldn't be happier with the EP cover that she designed for me. It was exactly what I was looking for.

She was always open to make any adjustments that I asked her to do. Her and Ivo were communicative and outgoing throughout the entire process!"Des Brennan

Chillhop Records' website

In 2018 our CTO and founding member Darius joined a project for Dutch-based label Chillhop Records.

The goal was to create a state of the art website, that not only provides Chillhop’s visitors superb experience, but incorporates various features including integrations with platforms like Spotify and YouTube.

The challenge was to translate the team’s vision and design into a fully functional and easily maintainable website.

chillhop website stereofox

Sundae Sauuce merch design

Branding and design work for New York label and collective Sundae Sauuce.

Our designer Geri crafted multiple additional designs for the US label following their creative direction. The idea was to add a playful feel to their concept of food-based creatives which would be used for both releases and upcoming merch collection.

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Feel free to send us a question or request related to any of the creative agency services we offer.

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